Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hey guys! I am so sooo sooooooo sorry I haven't been posting lately! I've had no sleep between other one direction things and so much homework and trying to focus on school because I'm in an honors class! I'm super sorry and I promise I will post more and be dedicated to tie blog! Luv u guys! -Anissa Styles

Saturday, July 6, 2013

One Direction Where I Am Home

This is such a sad video! I started crying and got chills!But remember......One Direction is Forever Young!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Harry writes his own song!

The lyrics are amazing! He wrote it himself with a little help from Ed Sheeran. If you are a true Directioner, you will memorize all of the lyrics! Comment below what you think of the song!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Which 1D Boy Is Dressed The Cuttest?


Zayn   Liam

Harry Styles's Hair!

Harry Styles' signature is his expertly tousled hair, so when we spotted his mane looking ahem, different, we just had to discuss it.
The One Direction heartthrob was spotted in Miami with the rest of his groupmates and his hair was taken to new heights -- literally. Harry's tresses looked a bit more disheveled and voluminous than usual.
Reportedly, the guys were filming a music video, so that might explain his new do or maybe it was just windy. None the less, Harry still manages to look cute -- even with his teased hair!
What do you think of Harry's messy hair? Tell us in the comments.

Niall Horan reveals News About 1D'S New Movie; This Is Us

In a recent interview, Niall Horan revealed One Direction's upcoming movie, This Is Us 3D, is going to be all-access. Not just the boys on stage, but an inside look on what fans don't see.
When chatting with an Irish radio station, Niall said, "It's more of a documentary than concert -- a behind-the-scenes insight into what goes in. The fans standing outside the stadium, they don't know what goes on in the dressing room."
Well, we're definitely interested in what happens behind closed doors (especially their dressing room door) and we think it will look a little something like this:
1. We predict there's going to be a lot of shirtlessness. And maybe some pantlessness. But, we're totally OK with that.

One Direction's New Fragrance!

We have to wait until August to get our hands on One Direction's first fragrance, but this video should help hold you over until then. HarryNiallZaynLouis and Liam released a black-and-white short film to promote Our Moment, their upcoming scent. In the 40-second clip, the 1D guys appear to be shooting the fragrance campaign. Naturally, it's not all work and no play for the dudes — the video also shows them goofing off while on set. (Check the 18 second mark for a really funny moment between Harry and Zayn!)
Watch the below clip and then tell us what your favorite moment of the short film is!