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Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Date in NYC!

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Date in NYC!
It's official! One Direction's Harry Styles and Taylor Swift went on their first public date yesterday at the Central Park Zoo in NYC! One onlooker spills, "Harry and Taylor were walking next to each other. They seemed happy to be together, talking and smiling. Taylor seemed to be in a great mood." Afterwards, the two were also spotted at the Broadway show Elf and seen in Times Square! How romantic

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Are Staying Together!

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Are Staying Together!
Rumors have been swirling that One Direction's Zayn Malik had been cheating on GF Perrie Edwards! Despite the rumors, Zayn and Perrie are still together. A source dishes, "Things are far from over between Zayn and Perrie. He came and stayed in the Little Mix hotel, where Perrie was booked in with her bandmates. Everybody gave them their space. They needed to talk things through." Justin Bieber is also supporting his 1D bud. Justin says, "I am there for him whatever he is going through - that is what buddies do. If he wants to go away and have a little trip to get away from things that is cool. I know how tough it can be dealing with something that should be private in the public eye. All you want is privacy but you know it isn't going to happen. All the One Direction guys are my buddies - but I do get along really great with Zayn. He is a really good guy."

Justin Bieber and Harry Styles Bonding Over Breakups!

Justin Bieber and Harry Styles Bonding Over Breakups!
Justin Bieber and Harry Styles are reportedly planning some bro time together after the recent breakups of Haylor and Jelena. A source reveals, "The lads talked about a boys' trip when they were going out with the girls, but it was never in the cards. Now they're footloose and fancy-free, they want to make it happen. There's talk of making it a proper boys' holiday, with the rest of 1D and their mates." The two have already travled to Utah, and now the boys are rumored to be deciding between Mexico and Las Vegas for their next destination. Sounds like a blast!

Was Harry Styles Spotted At the Movies With A New Girl?!

Harry Styles Spotted at the Movies With New Girl

Harry Styles was recently spotted out to dinner and a movie with his friend Ellis Calcutt. Harry and Ellis grabbed some pizza and headed to see Movie 43. Rumors started swirling that Ellis was Harry's new girlfriend, but Ellis says there's nothing romantic going on between them. Ellis explained that she and Harry are just "good friends from school. It was great to catch up with him." Harry is still single for now, Directioners!

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Did Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Avoid each other In France!?

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Avoid Each Other in France!
Although rumors suggested that exes Taylor Swift and Harry Styles might reunite this past weekend at an awards show in France, the two did not meet up. In fact, according to reports, they deliberately avoided each other. "It was very carefully timed so they didn't do the carpet at the same time. Taylor didn't do any backstage interviews and didn't use a dressing room -- she changed at the hotel because she didn't want to see Harry at any point. Things were timed to keep them apart," an insider says. Additionally, other sources speculate that Taylor aimed her performance of "We Are Never Getting Back Together" that night directly at Harry, who was reportedly sitting only a few feet away from the stage. Post comments below about what you think!

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101 Zayn Malik Facts

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101 Zayn Malik Facts!

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How many do you know?!
1. Zayn Malik was born on 12th January 1993 in St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford. He’s the second oldest member of One Direction behind Louis.

2. Zayn was brought up in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Other famous Bradfordians include magician Dynamo, Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud, Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson and Gareth Gates.

4. Zayn fancies the pants off Megan Fox and has a secret man crush on Justin Timberlake.
5. Zayn’s favourite book is Harry Potter.
6. Zayn has a soft spot for intelligent girls.
7. Zayn can’t swim and is scared of open water (also known as Aquaphobia). Despite this he likes sharks – especially hammerheads!
8. Zayn’s favourite band of all time is *NSYNC.
9. Zayn’s X Factor audition wasn’t broadcast on the main show. When he had progressed further it was shown retrospectively on spinoff The Xtra Factor.
10. Malik in Arabic means ‘king’ or ‘chieftain’.
11. Zayn’s name is actually spelt with an ‘i’ (Zain). He reckons ‘Zayn’ looks more original and adopted it as his stage name.
12. Despite living in Bradford, Zayn is a Manchester United fan – just like Louis and Harry.
13. Zayn attended Lower Fields Primary School as a youngster before moving on to Tong High School.
14. Zayn dated fellow X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson for four months but the relationship ended when they “drifted apart”. Rebecca is six years older than Zayn.
15. Zayn has three sisters but no brothers. They’re called Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa.
16. Zayn’s middle name is Javadd (often wrongly written as Javaad, Jawadd or Jawaad).
17. Zayn’s favourite song of all time is ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson.
18. Zayn was born to British Pakistani father Yaser and an English mother Tricia Malik (maiden name Brannan).
19. During his time on The X Factor, Zayn’s granddad sadly passed away. In tribute, Zayn has his granddad’s name Walter tattooed on his chest in Arabic.
20. Zayn is addicted to cigarettes and desperately wants to give up. He said at the start of 2012: "My new year's resolution is definitely to quit smoking. I need to do it." Come on Zayn, more willpower!
21. Zayn is currently dating Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. They publicly announced their relationship in May 2012.
22. Zayn is a Muslim and recently tweeted "La ila ha ill lalla ho muhammed door rasoolalah", a common declaration of faith that means “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah."
23. Zayn says he’s totally flabbergasted by the success of One Direction in America. He told The Sun: "We thought it could be the same few hundred people tweeting us over and over again. Until we got to America, we didn't realise how crazy it was."
24. Zayn means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic.
25. Zayn has a bizarre pre-gig superstition – he always brushes his teeth before getting on stage. He admitted to The Hits Radio that his habit “is a little bit weird.”
26. Just like Harry Styles, Zayn is a cat lover. His favourite animal is a lion.
27. Zayn’s Twitter name is @zaynmalik. As of 13th July 2012 he has 4,274,799 followers.
28. Zayn has a total of EIGHT tattoos on his body. The most recent is a life-size microphone on his right forearm that he had done in Los Angeles in June 2012.
29. In June this year Zayn sprained his wrist while working out and was forced to wear a bandage onstage in Las Vegas. The injury prompted a #GetWellSoonZayn hashtag on Twitter. Fortunately it wasn’t serious and Zayn removed the bandage days later. Phew!
30. Zayn is great friends with One Direction touring buddy Olly Murs and describes him as “like an older brother.” Bless!
31. In March 2012, Zayn missed some dates on 1D’s North American tour as he had to return to the UK for his aunt’s funeral. Harry tweeted at the time: "Zayn has suffered a loss in his family & has had to go home for a few days so won't be at our next shows in the US."
32. Zayn loves posing topless! However, he says he’s too shy to pose naked.
33. A very nervous Zayn almost walked off The X Factor at bootcamp as he couldn’t perfect his dance moves. Fortunately, the legendary Simon Cowell talked him round and Zayn went on to wow the judges.
34. Zayn originally applied to be on the 2009 series of The X Factor but pulled out before auditions due to nerves.

35. Zayn says he’s the neatest member of One Direction and jokingly described his bandmates as “pigs.”
36. Zayn says that if he wasn’t in One Direction he’d like to be an English teacher.
37. Asked what the best part of a girl’s body is, Zayn said: “I’m very attracted to a girl’s eyes. They don’t have to be a certain colour. I think you can tell a lot by a girl’s eyes.”
38. Zayn loves drawing when he has the spare time.
39. One of his pet hates is people chewing loudly with their mouth open. We agree, Zayn!
40. Zayn used to love singing R Kelly’s soppy ballad ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ as a kid. His mum Tricia said to the Daily Record: “I have quite a few videos of him singing as a little boy but he’s banned me from showing anyone. My favourite is him singing I Believe I Can Fly wearing a green dressing gown." This video NEEDS to come out!
41. Zayn has a mole on one of his ribs.
42. Zayn’s first kiss was with a girl called Sophie Kirk when he was ten years old. He told Heat: “she was a little bit taller than me, so I had to stand on a brick. She was one of triplets and I kind of dated all three of them.”
43. An ideal date for Zayn would be going out for a meal, watching a movie at the cinema and then returning home to “chill” with some drinks.
44. Zayn’s nickname at school was ‘Z’ (pronounced the UK way “zed” rather than the American “zee”).
45. Zayn is a huge Chris Brown fan and lists ‘All Back’ as one of his most-played songs.
46. Zayn’s uplifting Twitter bio reads: “just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life :) x”
47. Zayn lists as intelligence as the most important thing he looks for in a girl.
48. When Harry has his star tattoo done on his arm, ink veteran Zayn held his hand!
49. In early 2012, Zayn was the butt of a hilarious prank played by Harry. When Zayn was asleep, Harry shaved his initials ‘H.S.’ into Zayn’s leg hair. A shocked Zayn commented afterwards “it wasn’t too attractive.”
50. Zayn says that if he was stranded on a desert island the one person he’d like to take with him is Louis (Tomlinson, not Walsh!)
51. Just like Harry, the one artist Zayn would love to collaborate with is Bruno Mars.
52. Zayn came third place in SugarScape’s Hottest Lads of 2011 poll. Niall came first while McFly’s Dougie Poynter was in second spot.
53. Zayn thinks that Justin Bieber is cute! Asked who’s hotter, 1d or Bieber, Zayn responded: “I think Justin Bieber's cute looking, but it would be a bit rude and a bit ignorant for me to say 'me'.”
54. Zayn is notorious for busting some crazy dance moves when he’s out!
55. Despite being known for his trademark quiff, Zayn is quite keen to shave off his hair. In fact, in June 2012 he was close to shaving it off but only changed his mind when his millions of Twitter followers talked him out of it.
56. In July 2012 Zayn splashed out a whopping £32,000 on a second-hand Bentley Continental GT car. Wow!
57. Zayn reckons that One Direction would be great guest judges on The X Factor. He told 110% Pop: “I'm sure we’d would be very interesting to watch actually. We haven't been approached for that yet. If we do get approached I'm sure we'll try and sort out that we're all sitting in one chair, yeah.”
58. The crown tattoo on Zayn’s chest represents the meaning of his surname, ‘king.’
59. Zayn’s mum Tricia cries whenever he leaves home to join the 1D Boys. “When he leaves home I cry at the gate and he says, ‘Mum! I’m not going to war!’ A driver comes for him and I have to stand there and wave back at him crying,” she told the Daily Record.
60. Zayn says One Direction’s phenomenal global success is “beyond my wildest dreams” and “crazy.”
61. Zayn’s favourite track on ‘Up All Night’ is the Kelly Clarkson penned ‘Tell Me A Lie’.
62. Zayn’s three favourite subjects at school were English, art and drama.
63. Zayn was left speechless when a female fan fainted when she met him. He commented to We Love Pop: “Obviously you don’t get to see things like that unless you are The Beatles who have that power, and to see it that close was a bit scary. I didn’t really enjoy her fainting in front of me, however, it was cool to know I could make a girl faint!”
64. Zayn’s X Factor audition number was #165616. He has joked that he’d like to get it tattooed on his arm.
65. The one object Zayn would take with him to a desert island is a huge container full of water. Sensible!
66. On One Direction’s debut album ‘Up All Night’, Zayn has approximately five-and-a-half minutes of solos.
67. Zayn’s favourite album is ‘Graffiti’ by Chris Brown.

68. When Zayn was younger he had two cats called Lily and Lolo.
69. If Zayn could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it would be Michael Jackson.
70. Zayn’s fans mean a LOT to him. He explains: “Fans aren’t just fans – they’re part of my family.”
71. Zayn believes that the two things that make the world go round are “peace and love.” Wise words.
72. For his Hits Radio #1DHQ takeover earlier this year, Zayn’s playlist was: ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, Pitbull ‘Give Me Everything’, Maroon 5 ‘Moves Like Jagger’, One Direction ‘Tell Me A Lie’, Professor Green and Emeli Sandé ‘Read All About It’, Katy Perry ‘Last Friday Night’, Example ‘Kickstarts’, Chris Brown ‘With You’ and One Direction ‘One Thing’.
73. When he gets bored on the tour bus, Zayn keeps himself entertained by playing the Nintendo 3DS game console.
74. Asked to sum up 1D’s debut album ‘Up All Night’ in one word, Zayn said it is “anthemic”.
75. Zayn describes himself as “the shy one” in One Direction. In a VEVO interview, he explained: “Before X Factor I’d never done anything that required me to have to speak in front of cameras or in front of people. The X Factor kinda helped me with that because you’re followed around by cameras and you get used to it.”
76. Zayn never thought he’d make it to the finals of The X Factor. He claims he entered the show “just for the experience.”
77. When Zayn was younger he used to collect comic books. He freely admits, “it was quite a geeky thing to do!”
78. Zayn says he never lies about his girlfriends or past relationships. He told Top of the Pops Magazine: “I’ve always been honest about that. What’s the point of lying? You’ll just get found out and then you’ll look an idiot.”
79. If Zayn had to wear one colour for the rest of his life it would be black.
80. Zayn’s favourite food is chicken.
81. According to Harry, Zayn has kissed the most One Direction fans.
82. Despite pictures on the internet, Zayn denies that him and Harry have kissed on stage. Putting it down to good Photoshopping skills, Zayn said: “I’ve seen photos where they’ve morphed us together to make us look like we’re closer than we really are and about to kiss. We were just trying to talk as obviously we can’t hear each other on stage.”
83. Zayn says the one thing that’s guaranteed to make him smile is talking to his little sister Safaa. Awwww!
84. Zayn sometimes gets fed up of staying in hotels. “We go to all these amazing places and don’t get to see anything, we just see the inside of hotels,” he says.
85. Zayn says the craziest thing he’s ever seen a fan do is hide in a bin to avoid security.
86. Now an international jet-setter, incredibly before he was in One Direction Zayn didn’t even have a passport!
87. Zayn follows 707 people on Twitter (as of 13th July). Celebs he follows include Katy Perry, Aiden Grimshaw, The Saturdays, Jedward, Chris Brown, Peter Andre, The Saturdays and, of course, his 1D bandmates.
88. Just like his 1D bandmates, Zayn can play a musical instrument - the triangle!
89. Zayn loves reading. In fact, one of his most famous quotes is: “There comes a day when you realise turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realise there's so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.”
90. Asked if he ever has nightmares, Zayn said that when he was eight he had a pretty weird one. "I had a dream a giant power ranger was chasing me," he said. Bizarre!
91. Apart from performing live, Zayn says that his favourite part of touring is being on the tour bus!! “My best experience of touring is being on the tour bus, like just chilling out,” Zayn told Orlando radio station Mix105.1. “Like after the show, when you get off the stage and you’re on the tour bus, chilling out, that’s cool.
92. Zayn splits his fans into three categories. He explains: “There’s 3 types of fans. There’s the ones that scream, the ones that want to talk to you and the ones that don’t speak at all.” Which one do YOU fall into?!
93. In spring 2012 Zayn got a new tattoo saying: “be true to who you are.”
94. Zayn wants to get married before the age of 30. Come on Zayn, there’s only 11 years left!!
95. Zayn’s shoe size is 8-and-a-half.
96. On his first X Factor audition, Zayn sang Mario’s ‘Let Me Love You’. The popular R n’ B reached number two in the UK in February 2005.
97. Zayn admits he was a bit of a handful for his parents when he was younger. He told Glamour: "I was a bit of a handful when I was a kid because I was quite hyperactive. Even in the house my mum used to put me in my pram because I was so full-on.”
98. Zayn’s official Facebook fan page has 1.99million likes. (As of 13th July 2012).
99. Zayn’s first pet was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Tyson.
100. At school, Zayn starred as one of the ultra-cool, leather clad T-Birds in a production of Grease. Much to Zayn’s horror, footage of the performance is all over the Internet! Doh!
101. One of Zayn’s most memorable mottos is: “Never live life in the fear of death, no matter how hard life gets, don’t lose hope.”

101 Niall Horan facts

101 Niall Horan Facts!

Story Highlight

How many facts do you know?!
1. Niall Horan was born on 13th September 1993.
2. Just like his One Direction bandmate Liam, Niall is a Virgo. According to the star sign he is analytical, observant, helpful, reliable and precise.
3. Niall’s mum is called Maura Gallagher and his dad’s name is Bobby Horan.
4. Niall has an older brother called Greg. He’s 24-years-old.
5. Unfortunately Niall’s mum and dad split up when he was just five years old. He and Greg divided their time between the two homes but eventually they stayed with their dad Bobby in Mullingar, County Westmeath in Ireland.
6. Niall’s mum Muara remarried and lives in the nearby Edgeworthstown with her husband of seven years Chris.
7. Niall attended the Catholic secondary school Coláiste Mhuire in Mullingar.
8. Before secondary school, Niall attended St Kenny National School.
9. Niall’s ideal woman is Cheryl Cole and his man crush is Michael Bublé.
10. Niall’s nickname is Nialler. Makes sense!
11. On One Direction’s debut album ‘Up All Night’, Niall has about 1minute and 25 seconds of solos – the least out of all five members.
12. Niall sang Ne-Yo’s ‘So Sick’ in the X Factor first round and received glowing praise from Louis Walsh.
13. A big Oasis fan, Niall covered ‘Champagne Supernova’ at X Factor bootcamp.
14. Niall’s favourite colour is green. He also likes blue.
15. Niall says he’s only read one book in its entirety – the American classic ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.
16. Niall has a very bizarre good luck mascot – a pair of white socks. Erm, ok then!
17. Niall supports English football club Derby County. After attending his first game aged four, throughout his childhood Niall regularly flew from Ireland to the UK to attend games.
18. In 2006 Niall was the Derby County mascot at an away game against Luton Town.
19. Niall is an accomplished guitar player and was a fervent follower of indie music growing up.
20. Just like Liam, Niall’s middle name is James.
21. In December 2011 Niall had transparent white braces fixed to his teeth.
22. Niall’s favourite song of all time is ‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay.
23. Niall is the second youngest member of 1D – behind Harry.
24. In early 2010, months before his appearance on the X Factor, Niall supported Lloyd Daniels at the Academy 2 in Dublin. There are clips of his performance of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ at the gig on YouTube.
25. Niall is approximately 5 feet and 7 inches tall.
26. Niall says the best Christmas present he has ever received is his guitar.
27. One of Niall’s biggest idols is Michael Bublé. He describes the Canadian crooner as an “absolute hero.”
28. Alongside Coldplay, Niall is a big fan of rock bands The Eagles, Bon Jovi and The Script.
29. Niall’s first pets were two goldfish called Tom and Jerry. Unfortunately they died when Niall’s older brother Greg accidentally overfed them!
30. When One Direction reached number one in the US with ‘Up All Night’, Katy Perry personally took to Twitter to congratulate Niall. A guest judge on The X Factor in 2010, she was initially hesitant to put Niall through to the next round and told him at the time “Don’t let us down.” Referencing this, she tweeted: “@NiallOfficial congratulations, you didn't let me down! xo,”
31. Niall’s Twitter address is @NiallOfficial. At the time of writing (August 2012) he has 5,360,356 followers – wow!
32. Justin Bieber follows Niall on Twitter and the good friends regularly chat on the social networking site. We spot a bromance!!
33. Niall suffers from claustrophobia – a fear of small and confined spaces. Speaking to the Sunday Mirror about the condition recently, Niall’s dad Bobby said: "There are hordes of young girls around him, and not much room to breathe anywhere. He says it can be frightening. Coming out of airports and girls crowding around their cars, he's started to get really claustrophobic."
34. Niall’s dad describes him as “a real gent, a lovely, well-mannered, well brought-up lad."

35. As well as claustrophobia, Niall has a fear of pigeons. He explains: “I get really nervous if pigeons are flying around before shows. I can't stand them after one once flew in through my bathroom window and went for me while I was having a wee. That was enough. I think pigeons target me." Poor Niall!
36. In 2012, Niall presented a #1DHQ show for The Hits Radio. His playlist was: Katy Perry ‘Last Friday Night’, Maroon 5 ‘Moves Like Jagger’, One Direction ‘One Thing’, JLS ‘Do You Feel What I Feel?’, Kelly Rowland ‘Commander’, Ne-Yo ‘So Sick’ and One Direction ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.
37. Niall told The Hits Radio that his ideal way to relax is to “sit back, get the feet up on the couch. On a Monday watch some Monday night football; through the week watch movies and on a weekend watch the sports channels.” He also likes to play the Playstation and chill at the 1D lads’ houses.
38. Despite the eight-year age gap, Paloma Faith says she fancies Niall! She told We Love Pop: " I love him. He can be my toyboy. I wouldn't mind having a younger boyfriend."
39. Niall was starstruck when he met Michelle Obama at The White House. He told Digital Spy: “She's an amazing-looking lady, and I'm a massive Barack Obama fan anyway.”
40. Niall would like One Direction to collaborate with Eminem on their next record. Sadly, it’s highly unlikely that Mr Mathers would agree to do it!
41. Niall got food poisoning after 1D’s spring tour of Australia and New Zealand. As he was about to board the 11,000 mile flight home, he tweeted: "Not feeling the best! sore all over! under the weather as they say!"
42. A piece of vegemite toast that Niall had half-eaten in Sydney, Australia was put up on eBay earlier this year. Bogus bids reached over £100,000!!
43. Niall has been romantically linked with Skins actress Freya Mavor and singer Demi Lovato. Both rumours were rubbished by Niall!
44. Niall is left-handed. A variety of studies suggest that approximately one in ten people are left-handed.
45. Niall likes to swear a lot and often stays quiet in interviews in case he accidentally says a rude word!
46. Unlike ink-obsessives Harry and Zayn, Niall doesn’t have any tattoos.
47. In July 2012, Niall jokingly called a group of girl fans at Dublin airport a “shower of c***s”. Despite most One Directioners knowing it was said in jest, the media backlash forced Niall to apologise. He tweeted: "Really sorry if I caused any offence. It was just banter with fans who I think of more as mates. But I understand that it's not a word I should be using at all."
48. One of Niall’s dream 1D collaborations is Labrinth who he believes is “super talented.”
49. Niall absolutely loves singing in the shower. He told TOTP magazine: "I sing all the time in the shower! I'll sing whatever's in the charts. Today I was singing 'It Will Rain' by Bruno Mars."
50. Niall’s first kiss was with a French exchange student when he was “11 or 12” years old. He admits he was “really nervous” at the time.
51. When One Direction were involved in a minor car accident in January, Niall laughed afterwards! He explained to Now Magazine: “I don’t know why, but I thought it was funny – it felt like being in bumper cars.”
52. Niall fancies the pants off 33-year-old Northern Irish TV presenter Christine Bleakley. He enthused: "I'm in love. Christine is amazing, so amazing. I love her! Seriously, she is my NBF, my new best friend - she is utterly incredible. I also think she's gorgeous... I like the older woman." Sadly for Niall, Christine is engaged to footballer Frank Lampard!
53. Niall’s (European) shoe size is eight.
54. Niall’s favourite movie of all time is Grease. He’s also a fan of horror movies.
55. Always a showman, when he was nine Niall played the lead role of Oliver in the St Kenny National School production of Oliver Twist.
56. Niall has too many favourite foods to mention! He’s especially fond of pizza and jokes that he’d rather eat a slice than kiss a girl.
57. Niall decided to audition for The X Factor on the night Joe McElderry won, on 13th December 2009.
58. Niall would date a fan one on condition – she didn’t scream in his face!
59. Niall is a flatulent fella. His 1D bandmates say he’s the biggest farter in the group!
60. While waiting outside for his first X Factor audition in Dublin, Niall entertained the crowd by performing a cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘One Time’ on his guitar.
61. Niall was voted the hottest male of 2011 by Sugarscape magazine, beating all of his One Direction bandmates!
62. Niall’s natural hair colour is dark brown.
63. When fans ask Niall to marry him he always jokingly responds with a “yes.”
64. When Niall first landed in Los Angeles with One Direction he celebrated by singing Miley Cyrus’s ‘Party In The USA’.
65. Niall’s dream date would be with iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove.
66. Niall’s favourite Valentine’s Day song is Van Morrison’s 1972 classic ‘Crazy Love’. Niall became aware of the track when Michael Bublé covered it in 2009.
67. Niall thinks that it would be a huge achievement if One Direction could get close to achieving Take That, N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys’ success. He said: “Hopefully we can emulate a tiny bit of their success because if we were to get anywhere near that it would be a very big achievement.”
68. Niall has a big crush on Katy Perry. He says: ““Katy Perry still gets me every time. She's very funny in person! We met at the Teen Choice Awards and she pulled my cheeks apart and told me how cute I was. My life was literally flashing before my eyes!"

69. Niall thinks he’s “literally the luckiest person in the world.”
70. Niall’s favourite album of all time is Bon Jovi’s ‘Greatest Hits’. Michael Bublé’s ‘Crazy Love’ is a close second.
71. Niall would make “a wonderful husband”, according to his dad Bobby.
72. While he loves his female followers, Niall would like more male One Direction fans. He told blog Storyboard: "We want to see more boy fans, as seeing them in the crowd is cool. It's 90% girls, but we want to expand our fan base. We want different people to like us."
73. Niall owns his own personalised cap. In emerald green (his home nation Ireland’s colour) it has his name embroidered on the back.
74. Niall has read the saucy novel Fifty Shades of Grey… well, a tiny part of it. He told the Daily Mirror: "A girl gave it to me the other day! I read the first page and put it down. But it was good."
75. Although she has denied tabloid reports of a romance, Demi Lovato thinks that Niall is “sweet.”
76. Niall himself admits he’s “an emotional guy” who wears his heart on his sleeve.
77. On some days Niall chooses not to wear any underwear! “I like to go free and easy from time to time,” he told Metro.
78. When 1D are on the road, Niall loves to chat to his friends and family via Skype on the tour bus.
79. When he was little, Niall had an imaginary friend called Michael. He’s since tried to deny it in interviews claiming Michael was a real person.
80. Niall doesn’t like it when girls pretend to act dumb. He tweeted: "I hate it when girls act stupid 'cause they think it's cute. Intelligence is sexy."
81. Niall admits he still gets nervous before live shows. He told Digital Spy: “When we first started out the thought of getting up on stage freaked us all out. The kind of crowds we get are very, very loud which helps. The bigger the crowd the better really! The noise calms your nerves."
82. Niall likes natural beauties. He tweeted: “Well I like a girl who don't wear make up.”
83. When in America, Niall often gets invited to school leavers’ parties. “I always get asked to go to proms,” Niall told The Sun. “I've been asked about ten times.”
84. In January 2012, Louis pulled Niall’s pants down at a motorway service station in front of fans. Niall said afterwards he was “so embarrassed.”
85. Niall once challenged Olly Murs to a fight. Thankfully it was just Twitter banter and the good friends never got involved in fisticuffs!
86. For his 18th birthday, Niall’s 1D bandmates bought him a life-size model of President Barack Obama. Niall later accidentally knocked one of Obama’s arms off. Doh!
87. Niall shares his birthday (13th September) with a number of famous people including cricketer Shane Warne, legendary author Roald Dahl and US athlete Michael Johnson.
88. In May 2012, Niall performed an acoustic rendition of ‘Heart Skips A Beat’ with Olly Murs. The video, shot backstage during 1D’s North American tour, has now racked up almost 1million views on YouTube.
89. The first gig Niall ever went to was Busted in Dublin when he was 10-years-old.
90. Niall is notoriously noisy. Liam Payne commented: “You usually hear Niall before you see him.” Hilarious!
91. Niall is a big fan of giraffes. He’s even been photographed by paparazzi cuddling a toy one! Explaining why he loves them so, Niall said: “They’re so long, I wish I was one, then maybe I’d be taller.”
92. Niall is great at mimicking accents – especially Scottish, Geordie and American ones.
93. Niall’s favourite Justin Bieber songs are ‘U Smile’ and ‘One Less Lonely Girl’.
94. Niall thinks his millions of followers are better looking than him. He said: “The fans always tell me I’m beautiful, but no one will ever be as beautiful as them.”
95. In October 2011, Niall was late for a 4music interview. As his 1D bandmates waited, in the background Niall fell flat on his bum when he tripped over as he raced to make it on time. Rather than take sympathy, Harry asked the TV crew “Did you get that on camera?!”
96. Niall thinks that his best qualities are he’s “a good laugh, honest and generous.”
97. Niall thinks that not having a boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t a bad thing. He explains: “Being single doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve”
98. Niall didn’t think he’d progress very far in The X Factor. He said: “When I was in Dublin I looked around, and there’s like 8,000 people at the auditions, and I’m thinking ‘not a hope, there’s not a chance of me getting anywhere’.”
99. Niall often speaks in his sleep, a condition called somniloquy.
100. Niall’s favourite song on ‘Up All Night’ is the Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk and Savan Koetcha penned ‘One Thing’. The single reached number 9 in the UK back in January.
101. According to former Boyzone star Keith Duffy, Niall is “a smashing lad” and is “really down to earth.”

101 Liam Payne Facts

1. Liam Payne was born on 29th August 1993.
2. Liam is the One Direction middleman – Louis and Zayn are older than him while Harry and Niall are younger.
3. Along with Niall, Liam is a Virgo. According to the star sign he is analytical, observant, helpful, reliable and precise.
4. Liam has two older sisters called Ruth and Nicola.
5. Liam’s parents are called Karen and Geoff.
6. Liam’s favourite colour is purple.
7. Liam also took part the 2008 series of The X Factor making it through to Simon’s house in Barbados where he was cruelly eliminated. Simon thought he was too young and asked him to come back in two years – a move that worked out pretty well!!
8. Liam’s favourite film is the Toy Story trilogy.
9. Liam’s celebrity crush is Leona Lewis and his man crush is stand-up comedian Michael McIntyre?! Nope, us neither!
10. Liam spent his childhood in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, the birthplace of Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant and Slade’s Noddy Holder.
11. Liam once cried while watching Marley & Me. Bless.
12. Liam has a very unusual phobia – SPOONS! He admits it’s “very strange”.
13. Liam has just over seven minutes of solos on One Direction’s debut album ‘Up All Night’, the second most behind Harry.
14. Liam sang ‘Cry Me A River’ in his 2010 audition and received a standing ovation.
15. When he had progressed to bootcamp he covered Oasis’ ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out.’
16. Liam’s Twitter address is @Real_Liam_Payne. As of 10th August 2012 he had 5,204,974 followers.
17. Liam follows more fans than all of his One Direction bandmates do altogether!! As of 10th August 2012 he follows 8,951 people.
18. Liam is an avid fan of boxing. He took up the sport when he was bullied at high school.
19. Liam once confessed to owning a pair of pink hair straighteners. Nice!
20. Liam’s performance of ‘Cry Me A River’ on The X Factor back in the summer of 2010 was dedicated to an ex-girlfriend who cheated on him! He told The Sun: "One girl was the inspiration for me singing 'Cry Me A River' on The X Factor. That was my payback to her because she was unfaithful."
21. Liam shares the same middle name as Niall – James.
22. Liam started dating backing dancer Danielle Peazer during The X Factor in December 2010. They’re still together to this day.
23. After falling ill as a baby, Liam underwent years of tests until aged four when doctors discovered that one of his kidneys was scarred and dysfunctional. He had to have up to 32 injections a day to cope with the pain. Poor lad :(
24. Due to his kidney problems, Liam doesn’t drink alcohol and has to look after himself. He told Digital Spy: "I have to be careful not to drink too much, even water, and I have to keep myself as healthy as possible."
25. In August 2012, Liam dropped the bombshell that his damaged kidney had miraculously started working again. He tweeted: “Just been for an ultrasound on my kidney turns out its fixed form when I was a baby!!! :o so now I have two :) #weirdnewsoftheday”
26. Before The X Factor, Liam once performed in front of 26,000 people at Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.
27. When he auditioned for The X Factor, Liam was music technology student at the City of Wolverhampton College.
28. Liam says that Justin Timberlake is his biggest influence while Gary Barlow is also an inspiration.
29. Liam’s favourite animals are turtles! He has two pet turtles called Boris and Archimedes.
30. Liam can play the guitar.
31. Liam loves girls with nice eyes.
32. Liam hates it when girls are too confident. He likes them to be a little bit shy.
33. The one person guaranteed to make Liam smile is Louis. Ahhh! Liam said: “Even if I’m in a situation where I’m mad at him, the person who can make me smile is Louis. Whatever happens he’ll make me laugh about something because he’s that crazy.”
34. Liam would love to play a prank on Simon Cowell.

35. Liam says that just like his 1D bandmates, he’s grounded. Speaking about the One Thing video shoot, he said: "Our video for out new single was filmed in London. We're not divas, we've got no interest in jetting off to the Caribbean just to shoot a video.”
36. Liam would like to shave his hair off but worries he “wouldn’t get away with it.”
37. If Liam could interview one pop star it would be Usher.
38. Liam often defends his girlfriend Danielle on Twitter when she receives hatemail. One tweet reads: "#SometimesIHateTwitter when it becomes a place to abuse people who uve never met never did anything to you but you still choose to be cruel.”
39. In Sugarscape’s list of the 50 hottest males of 2011, Liam came eighth. In The Sun’s countdown he was 11th.
40. Liam’s nickname is Daddy Directioner as he’s the most mature member of the band.
41. Liam loves singing in the shower. He often sings songs by The Script!
42. Liam often describes himself as “the clumsy one” in One Direction.
43. Liam was nicknamed Cheesy Head by his sisters as a kid because he ate cheese crisps all the time.
44. When Liam went fishing in San Diego earlier this year he caught a baby tiger shark! Thankfully he put it back in the water.
45. In May 2012, poor Liam broke his toe by dropping his computer on it. Doh! He told Good Morning America: “I dropped a MacBook Pro on it, which is not a very exciting story at all.” That’s gotta hurt!
46. Liam’s favourite love song is ‘End of May’ by Michael Bublé.
47. When Liam was younger his older sisters Ruth and Nicola made him dress in women’s clothes! He told The Sun: “They used to try to influence my fashion a bit. Which you know... may have involved a heel or two.”
48. Liam’s favourite track on ‘Up All Night’ is ‘I Want’. The song was penned by McFly vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Tom Fletcher.
49. Along with Louis, in April 2012 Liam did a 192metre SkyJump jump off Auckland’s Sky Tower. David Beckham, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber has all previously done the big jump.
50. Liam’s One Direction bandmates call him the Gary Barlow of their group. Niall told The Sun: "Liam has that Barlow aura. He says things like, 'Come on boys, let's roll. Let's get going'. He knows it and can't deny it."
51. After the audition shows of The X Factor, bookmakers made Liam second favourite to win the talent competition behind Cher Lloyd. Liam, of course, was put together with Niall, Louis, Harry and Zayn to form One Direction later in the show.
52. Liam is a supporter of West Bromich Album Football Club.
53. Liam has a lot of respect for his chum Ed Sheeran. He calls him “such a talented guy.”
54. Liam says that One Direction’s phenomenal global success seems “surreal” to him. Referring to hitting number one in the US with ‘Up All Night’, Liam told Daybreak: “It still seems strange to say that, everything's happened this quickly. We didn't expect to be over here releasing an album. I don't think it's quite hit home yet.”
55. When Liam was a Hits Radio DJ for a day on 1DHQ earlier this year, his playlist was One Direction ‘One Thing’, Ed Sheeran ‘Lego House’, One Direction ‘I Want’, Lloyd ‘Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)’, Nicole Scherzinger ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’, Michael Bublé ‘Cry Me A River’ and One Direction ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.
56. Liam is preparing to move in with his girlfriend Danielle Peazer. Announcing the news via Twitter, he wrote: “I love this woman (Danielle), she is the one I want to be in the future. Danielle is the one for me, I am sure.”
57. As well as being heavily into boxing, at school Liam was a member of the cross-country team and got up most mornings at 6am to go on long runs.
58. Despite being madly in love with Danielle Peazer, Liam says he’s in “no rush” to get married. He sometimes takes to Twitter to rubbish media speculation!
59. Liam recently hooked up with Amy Winehouse’s goddaughter Dionne Bromfield is a West London recording studio. Producer Jim Beanz posted pictures of the two singers together. It’s currently unclear whether Liam will appear on Dionne’s album.
60. Liam is five foot and 10 inches tall (about 1.78 metres).
61. Asked what name he would give his firstborn child, Liam says it would be Taylor. “I like the name Taylor,” he explained to KRB. “Taylor’s pretty neutral for a boy or a girl. That’s what I’m going to call my first child if I had children.”
62. Liam says he was “ecstatic and humbled” when One Direction passed the 12million record and DVD sales barrier.
63. In August 2012, Liam busked in the Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, West London. Liam sang the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ vocals while Niall accompanied him on guitar.
64. A true international jet setter, Liam likes nothing more than returning to Wolverhampton to spend time with his family. His dad Geoff told local newspaper Star & Express: “Liam likes to get back home. He likes to get back to normality.”
65. Liam often has nightmares where he’s naked in public places! “I dream of being back at school a lot and have been naked a few times,” he told The Sun. “And I have been in the park naked on a climbing frame.”
66. Liam has no plans to go solo in the future. In fact, he reckons it would be “massively boring.”
67. Liam has over 500 fan pages on Facebook.
68. Liam’s official page on Facebook has over 1.4million likes (as of August 2012).

69. Liam recently fessed up that he and the 1D lads played a prank on Harry earlier this summer. "He fell asleep in the dressing room last week," Liam told the Daily Star. "We poured water down his trousers to make it look like he weed his pants. He doesn't care really."
70. Liam reckons he’s the best dancer in One Direction. He told TOTP: “I have the best dance moves – I’m the king of the dancefloor! My signature dance move is the 1-2-3 flick. You’ll find it all over the internet…"
71. Liam got together with Danielle Peazer with a little help from Harry! He confessed: "This has never been told before, but when I actually got with my girlfriend, Harry was the boy that set us up… Harry is the magic match-up man."
72. Justin Bieber claims that Liam copied his trademark hairstyle. When he saw a photo of Liam’s old haircut, Biebs said: “I mean, does that look a little familiar? Just a touch!”
73. In October 2011, Liam was left highly embarrassed by his mum Karen. He explained to radio station TFM: “My mum fell over the other day in front of a load of our fans. And farted. She fell over a bump in the floor and it came out. Bless her.”
74. Liam sings the first solo on 13 of the 15 tracks on ‘Up All Night’.
75. When he was younger, Liam had to split his turtles up as they were turning to cannibalism. He said: “I came home and my turtle was missing a foot. Splitting them is sad, but it’s best.”
76. When asked what One Direction member he’d eat first if he had to survive, Liam responded: “That’s a bizarre question. Zayn, I don’t know why!”
77. Liam is “not very good” with hot food. At Nandos the hottest he can go is medium. Wimp! ;)
78. Liam’s favourite two words are “brilliant” and “fantastic”. He admits his enthusiasm annoys the boys: “I use them all the time and the boys hate it.”
79. Liam absolutely hates it when Harry steals his food.
80. One of the things that Liam most admires in life is Zayn’s huge quiff. However he doesn’t like it when Zayn gets moody!
81. Before Harry came up with the band name One Direction, Liam suggested the call themselves USP – which stood Unique Selling Point. Lucky escape there guys!!
82. If Liam could invent one app for a mobile phone it would be an “anti spoons” one. We’re not quite sure how that would work!
83. Liam still gets badly affected by nerves before gigs. In fact he sometimes gets stomach-aches.
84. Abbreviations aren’t Liam’s strongest point. He used to think that YOLO means Yummy Oreos Love Origami and DTF stands for Dedicated to Fans.
85. If Liam could make his own ice cream it would be Krispy-Kreme flavoured. Isn’t there one already?!
86. If you look closely on One Direction’s ‘One Thing’ video, Liam’s left eyebrow has a slit shaved into it. Harry did it while Liam was sleeping! Pesky scamp.
87. Liam is a closet fan of S Club 7!
88. Liam has a small birthmark on his neck.
89. If Liam could only eat one thing for the rest of his life it would be chocolate “because it’s chocolaty.”
90. Liam used to get into trouble at school and often spent time in the headmistress’s office. “I used to have water fights in the toilets and climb on the roof to get footballs back,” he told The Sun.
91. When he first started boxing, Liam picked up a number of nasty injuries including a perforated eardrum and a broken nose. “I was always coming home with a bruised, puffy face,” he says.
92. Liam once asked a called Emily out 22 times and she kept turning him down. He added to the Sun: “Finally I sang to her and she said she’d go out with me, but she dumped me the next day.” We’re pretty sure Emily will be regretting her move! Doh!
93. Liam owns a lollipop with Zayn’s name on it. Well, when we say ‘owns’ we mean he stole it off Zayn!
94. Liam says he emotional when singing 1D track ‘Moments’. The pop-ballad was penned by Ed Sheeran and appears on the deluxe version of ‘Up All Night’.
95. When he was younger Liam used to practise kissing on the back of his hand.
96. Asked what was the best thing about taking part in The X Factor, Liam said it was “meeting the four best people ever.” Awwwwww!
97. If Liam wasn’t a multi-million selling pop star, he says he’d like to be a fireman or gym teacher.
98. Liam always wanted a brother when he was younger. He says that now with One Direction “it’s like having four of them!”
99. Despite being a pop superstar, Liam says he still does his own washing and ironing. He joked: “You don’t see Take That doing that do you?!”
100. Just like Niall and Zayn, Liam has size 8 feet.
101. The three things Liam can’t live without are hair wax, Clearasil and Niall!

101 Louis Tomlinson Facts

1. Louis Tomlinson was born on Christmas Eve in 1991.

2. He’s a Capricorn. Typical Capricorns are ‘slow, steady and win the race.’

3. Louis is the oldest member of One Direction. He’s 13 months older than second eldest Zayn Malik.
4. Louis was brought up in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Other famous people who hail from the town include Jeremy Clarkson, Kevin Keegan and Brian Blessed.
5. Weirdly, Louis is a big fan of girls who eat carrots! Maybe it’s because they can see in the dark?!
6. If Louis had a superpower, he would fly.
7. Louis’s favourite band is The Fray.
8. Louis’s celebrity crush is Natalie Portman and his man crush is Robbie Williams.
9. Louis has approximately 1minute and 30seconds of solos on ‘Up All Night’ – the second least behind Niall.
10. Louis auditioned on The X Factor with a version of Plain White T’s ‘Hey There Delilah’. He got a clean sweep of yes’s from the judges.
11. Louis’s Twitter address is Louis_Tomlinson. As of 7th September 2012 he has 5,733,265 followers.
12. When Louis was a DJ for an afternoon at The Hits Radio in February 2012 his #1DHQ playlist was Rihanna ‘Only Girl (In The World)’, Gym Class Heroes ‘Stereo Hearts’, Flo Rida ‘Good Feeling’, Jessie J ‘Domino’, Lady Gaga ‘Edge Of Glory’, Robbie Williams ‘Angels’, LMFAO ‘Party Rock Anthem’, Adele ‘Rolling In The Deep’, One Direction ‘Moments’, Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo ‘Give Me Everything Tonight’, Jason Derulo ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’, Coldplay ‘Paradise’, Olly Murs ‘Dance With Me Tonight’, Ed Sheeran ‘Drunk’, JLS ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and One Direction ‘One Thing’.
13. Louis was born to mother Johannah Poulston and father Troy Austin.
14. Troy and Johannah split up when Louis was young. He eventually took on his stepfather Mark Tomlinson’s surname.
15. Louis has five younger half-sisters: one on his father's side (Georgia), and four on his mother's side (Charlotte, Félicité, and twins Daisy and Phoebe).
16. When he was just 11 years old, Louis had a role as an extra on ITV drama Fat Friends. His newborn sisters Daisy and Phoebe starred as babies on the show.
17. Spurred on by his appearance on Fat Friends, Louis attended acting school in his spare time and eventually had small parts in 2006 ITV drama If I Had You! and the BBC’s Waterloo Road.
18. When he first auditioned for The X Factor, Louis was a sixth form student at Hall Cross School in Doncaster.
19. Louis also attended The Hayfield School in Doncaster but dropped out when he failed his first year of A-levels.
20. Louis had a number of part-time jobs before The X Factor including working at a local cinema and as a hospitality waiter at Doncaster Rovers Football Club.
21. As a student, Louis played the lead role of Danny Zuko in a high school production of Grease. He says playing the part gave him the confidence to audition for The X Factor.
22. When he was younger Louis wanted to work on a farm.
23. Louis’s biggest role model is Robbie Williams. He told The Hits Radio: “I’ve got a massive musical icon and that’s Robbie Williams. We actually got to sing with him on The X Factor and it was absolutely amazing.”
24. Louis is currently dating Manchester University student Eleanor Calder.
25. Just like Niall and Harry, Louis has passed his driving test.
26. Louis would love to copy Michael Jackson and have a pet monkey. He said: "I'd like to adopt a chimpanzee and build an eternal friendship, that would be amazing."
27. Louis’s favourite song of all time is ‘Look After You’ by The Fray.
28. Louis’s favourite colour is dark red.
29. Louis is a big fan of Las Vegas rockers The Killers. After seeing them perform at V Festival, he tweeted: “Watching Mr Brightside live last night was unbelievable. LOVED The Killers!!”
30. Louis suffers from a ringing noise in his right ear. Although yet to be officially diagnosed it’s thought it could be tinnitus which can lead to deafness if untreated. Best get yourself to the docs Louis!!
31. According to his bandmates, Louis has the smelliest feet in One Direction! Niall told The Sun: "Louis wears plimsolls with no socks so his feet get very sweaty and the sweat is captured. If we are on a bus or something and he takes them off we all pretty much start gagging."
32. Louis’s middle name is William.
33. Louis says he’s a “one-woman man” who would never cheat on his girlfriend Eleanor.
34. Louis was given a telling off by police when filming the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ video Los Angeles in July 2011 for his erratic driving. He explained to The Sun: "I got pulled over by the US police. They thought I was all over the place. The officer goes: 'Listen, man, I can shut this thing down if you carry on driving like this. You're driving like a maniac.' And I was like: 'Man, put the gun down. I don't want no trouble.'"

35. Louis says that he and his 1D bandmates are like brothers. Admitting that they occasionally bicker, Louis told Digital Spy: "Because we're around each other so often it's like arguing with your siblings. You fall out with them, go away and have a bit of a paddy, then come back and get over it."
36. Just like Zayn and Harry, Louis supports Manchester United Football Club.
37. Louis’s favourite track on ‘Up All Night’ is the Ed Sheeran penned ‘Moments’. The track appears on the deluxe version of the record.
38. If Louis could give anyone a tip when auditioning for The X Factor it would be “just be yourself and really try and get your personality through in your song choice and interview.”
39. When One Direction’s tour bus crashed in Birmingham in January 2012, Louis suffered whiplash in the incident.
40. On 12th August 2012, Louis and Eleanor watched Tom Daley win his Olympics bronze medal at The Aquatic Centre in East London.
41. Louis sold his Porsche Boxster on eBay this summer for £30,000.
42. When Zayn’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca Ferguson took to Twitter to complain about being overworked by her management, Louis had very little sympathy! He tweeted: "@RebeccaFMusic Success is impossible with out proper hard work."
43. In May 2012, Louis was reportedly woken up by a naked man trying to enter his hotel room in Stockholm at 5am! The man was apparently drunk and looking for the toilet. Scary!!
44. Louis says his girlfriend Eleanor helps to keep him grounded. Speaking about spending time with her in Manchester, Louis told The Sun: “Eleanor's really down to earth. She makes me fish finger sandwiches and it's great to do something normal after the madness of the tour. All my mates are at university and it's a life I haven't had a chance to enjoy so it's great to turn up and sample a bit of it.”
45. Louis got dressed up as a carrot at an X Factor Live gig in Nottingham in early 2011! Amazeballs!
46. Louis loves to party! He told TOTP Magazine: “To be honest, I’m sure the majority of 20-year-olds go out and party. I’m not going to feel oppressed.”
47. For his girlfriend Eleanor’s 20th birthday, Louis bought her a huge personalised cake! Before it was scoffed, it depicted himself and Eleanor sat on a bench in front of a Disney-like castle.
48. Louis also bought Eleanor a box of personalised Yorkshire teabags and a mug with her name emblazoned on it. Ah, bless!
49. Louis is a giver and not a taker. In fact, there’s nothing he enjoys more than giving his friends and family presents. His mum Johannah told Sugarscape: "He’s not a materialistic person himself, but he likes to give people things. He spoils me and the girls and he's happiest doing that."
50. If Louis had a son he’d call him Leo or Lucas.
51. Louis likes snuggling up in bed with… HARRY! He said earlier this year: “A few weeks ago I made a cup of tea, then went and got in bed with Harry and we watched a show called something like The Top 50 Boybands Of All Time.” Nice!
52. Louis’s least favourite food is baked beans.
53. Louis would like it if The Wanted supported One Direction on tour! Speaking about the two bands’ fallout, Louis said: “We are hoping that they’ll still get on with us, because, you know, there is potentially a spot on our arena tour for them to support us...” Cheeky!
54. Louis would hate it if the paparazzi took a photo of his manhood. “I think it’s a bit childish and immature to do that sort of thing, to be honest,” Louis states.
55. Louis’s favourite country in France. This summer he had a romantic break in Paris with Eleanor.
56. Louis is an avid fan of surfing. In fact, he loves the beach so much he says he’d like to get married on one.
57. It takes over 30 minutes for Louis to get his hair ready in the morning.
58. Louis would never get his nipples pierced. He said: “It would hurt too much. I'm not brave enough!”
59. Louis says that the worst thing about living with Harry is “the constant stream of women he gets through the door.”
60. Louis admits he’s a really bad cook. Despite this he appeared alongside Harry cooking on ITV’s This Morning in September 2011.
61. Louis is an animal thief! He stole a pig’s trotter from a house the boys were staying at but had to give it back when the owners of the property called 1D’s management. He said: “I borrowed it, and then got caught for borrowing it, yeah... We had to give it back because they rang up management and cried about it... They’re lucky we didn’t nick a full pig.”
62. One of Louis’s favourite mottos is “Live lifer for the moment because everything else is uncertain.”
63. Louis once played a brilliant prank on Harry where he changed his name to Frankie Sandford in Harry’s phone. Louis then phoned repeatedly so by the time Harry checked his phone he had 23 missed calls from Frankie! LOL!
64. The two traits Louis looks for in a girl are confidence and a good sense of humour.
65. In 2011, Louis’s mum Johannah and stepdad Mark split up. Speaking about his mum, Louis said: “It must be so much harder for her because I’m living this fantastic life and being so busy every day whereas she’s still in the old life I was in but without me… it must be really difficult for her not to get upset.”
66. Louis’s pet hate is when people chew their food too loudly.
67. Louis has size ten feet.
68. Louis calls Harry ‘pumpkin’ – an affectionate term in the North of England.

69. Louis absolutely loves being surrounded by screaming fans. He told Teen Now: "Its incredible - it's great to have people show their support for you when you're doing something that you love, and the fact that they are girls makes it that much better!"
70. A man who works in the music industry once tried to have a snog with Louis! "It was a press guy.... he just started going in for a kiss!," said Louis.
71. Louis loves marmite and has big dollops of it on his toast.
72. Louis would never go solo. Explaining why, he said: “The whole reason I love doing this (being in a band) so much is the buzz you get off each other. I don’t think I could stand as a solo artist, that’s not me.”
73. Despite being the oldest member of One Direction, Louis is proud to be immature. In fact, he says he wants to be immature forever.
74. Louis says that if he was a One Direction fan for the day, the band member he’d fancy most is Harry.
75. Louis admits that he’s a messy person. In fact, he hasn’t met anyone who’s messier than him!
76. Louis is a pretty decent on the piano and he loves to play ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers.
77. Louis likes the word “boobs.”
78. Louis says he’ll “never get used to” the adoration he receives from fans. He told Radio Live in New Zealand: “At the end of the day we’re doing something that we really love and to be appreciated for that is really nice.”
79. Louis’s favourite TV shows are Misfits and One Tree Hill.
80. Louis follows 2,881 people on Twitter (as of 7th September 2012).
81. Louis’s trademark item of clothing is striped shirts.
82. If Louis wasn’t a multi-million selling pop megastar, he reckons he’d be training to be a drama teacher. IMAGINE IF LOUIS WAS YOUR TEACHER?!
83. The strangest present Louis has ever received from a fan is a sanitary towel. As if that wasn’t weird enough, it had the girl’s twitter name written on it.
84. If Louis could visit any planet it would be… Narnia. Erm, it’s a fictional place Louis!!
85. Louis reckons he’s got the biggest biceps in One Direction. Show us your guns, Louis!
86. According to Harry, Louis is “handsome and rugged.”
87. Louis hates rumours, especially when they involve Harry and himself. In a Tumblr interview he explained: “Me and Harry are best friends, people look into our every move. It is actually affecting the way me and Harry are in public: We want to joke around but there seems to be a different rumour every time we do anything.” You tell the rumourmongers, Louis!
88. Louis once had a dream that One Direction recruited a sixth member who was constantly fighting with him and the rest of the 1D lads refused to help.
89. Louis is prone to sleepwalking and once tried to get into Niall’s bed!
90. Since professing his love for carrots, Louis has received hundreds of orange vegetables as gifts from fans. He now says he loves Lamborghinis!
91. If a movie was made about Louis’s life, he’d like Leonardo DiCaprio to play him.
92. The first time Louis ever spoke to Harry was in the toilet at The X Factor auditions in Manchester.
93. Louis is a big fan of silly string! He’s sprayed it onstage at gigs, press conferences and even at a security guard who refused to let him speak to fans.
94. When he was 14, Louis played lead guitar in a band called The Rogue with his schoolmates. You can check out their Myspace profile from 2006 here
95. When One Direction formed, Louis’s big ambition was to go “straight to the top.” Proof that dreams come true!
96. In August 2012, Tulisa prank called Louis during a live webchat. When Louis answered she spoke to him in a Donald Duck voice in front of thousands of viewers. The N-Dubz star tweeted afterwards: “soz babe we had 2 get ya! Thanks 4 being a laugh n entertaining us!"
97. Louis was fined £80 for speeding on the way to V Festival this summer. It’s reported that he was going 48mph in a 40mph zone. He’ll also get three points on his licence. Ouch!
98. Despite having smelly feet, Louis is a big fan of shoes! His favourite types are chinos and Toms.
99. Another Louis’s mottos is “live fast, have fun & be a bit mischievous.”
100. Louis wants to have kids when he’s older and is desperate for a son. However, he admits he’s not quite ready for them yet “The thought of having a child at this is pretty scary.”
101. If Louis was Simon Cowell for the day, he says he’d go on a date with Susan Boyle!

101 Harry Styles Facts

1. Harry Styles was born on 1st February 1994 making him the youngest member of 1D. His star sign is Aquarius.
2. Louis Tomlinson was born on 24th December 1991. He’s a Capricorn and the oldest member of One Direction.
3. Liam Payne was born on 29th August 1993. His star sign in Virgo.
4. Niall Horan was born on 13th September 1993. Just like Liam, he’s a Virgo.
5. Zayn Malik was born on 12th January 1993. He’s a Capricorn just like Louis.
6. Harry’s musical heroes are The Beatles and he’s also a huge Coldplay fan.
7. Harry was brought up in the village of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire.
8. Harry’s favourite TV show is Family Guy and his favourite movie is Love Actually - however, he tells everyone it’s Fight Club to seem more manly!
9. While on The X Factor, Harry had a big crush on judge Cheryl Cole and Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack. He’s joked that his man crush is Louis Tomlinson!
10. Harry sleeps naked!
11. Louis was brought up in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Other famous people who hail from there include Jeremy Clarkson and Brian Blessed.
12. If Louis had a superpower, he would fly.
13. Louis’s favourite band is The Fray.
14. Louis’s celebrity crush is Diana Vickers and his man crush is Robbie Williams.
15. Bizarrely, Louis says he likes girls who eat carrots!
16. Liam spent his childhood in Wolverhampton, the birthplace of Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant and Slade’s Noddy Holder.
17. Liam’s favourite colour is purple.
18. Liam also took part the 2008 series of The X Factor making it through to Simon’s house in Barbados where he was cruelly eliminated.
19. Liam’s favourite film is the Toy Story trilogy.
20. Liam’s celebrity crush is Leona Lewis and his man crush is stand-up comedian Michael McIntyre?! Nope, us neither!

21. Liam only has one kidney after getting one removed as a kid. He’s completely teetotal and never touches a drop of alcohol, as he explains: “It’s just a choice to be on the safe side.”
22. Liam once cried while watching Marley & Me. Bless.
23. Liam has a very unusual phobia – SPOONS! He admits it’s “very strange” and would like to invent an ‘anti-spoons’ app for mobile phones.
24. Niall’s ideal woman is Cheryl Cole and his man crush is Michael Buble.
25. Niall’s favourite movie of all time is Grease.
26. Niall is left-handed.
27. Niall was brought up in Mullingar in Ireland.
28. On their 53:14min long debut album ‘Up All Night’, Harry gets 7:18min worth of solos, Liam has 7:08min, Zayn has 5:38min, Louis has 1:29min and Niall has 1:24min.
29. Zayn was brought up in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Other famous Bradfordians include the Brontë sisters, magician Dynamo and Gareth Gates.
30. Zayn fancies the pants off Megan Fox and has a secret man crush on Justin Timberlake.
31. Zayn’s favourite book is Harry Potter.
32. Zayn has a soft spot for intelligent girls.
33. Zayn can’t swim.
34. Zayn’s favourite band of all time is *NSYNC.
35. Zayn’s X Factor audition wasn’t broadcast on the main show. When he had progressed further it was retrospectively shown on spinoff The Xtra Factor.
36. Niall sang Ne-Yo’s ‘So Sick’ in the X Factor first round and received glowing praise from Louis Walsh. A big Oasis fan, he covered ‘Champagne Supernova’ at bootcamp.
37. Liam sang Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’ in his 2010 audition and received a standing ovation. At bootcamp he covered Oasis’ ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out.’
38. Louis auditioned with Plain White T’s ‘Hey There Delilah’ and got a clean sweep of yes’s from the judges.
39. Harry impressed two out of the three judges in the X Factor first round with a version of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely’. Louis Walsh had doubts but once progressed Harry sang ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ at bootcamp.
40. Niall’s favourite colour is blue.

41. One Direction are the brand ambassadors for the computer game Pokémon Black and White and have appeared on TV adverts and performed at events.
42. The band’s Twitter ID’s are @Harry_Styles, @NiallOfficial, @zaynmalik, @Real_Liam_Payne and Louis_Tomlinson.
43. Harry has the most followers on Twitter with 1,645,520 (as of 26th January 2012).
44. It was guest judge, former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, who suggested that Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis should be put together as a group at X Factor bootcamp.
45. One Direction finished third on The X Factor behind winner Matt Cardle and runner-up Rebecca Ferguson.
46. Harry came up with the band name One Direction.
47. After coming third on The X Factor, One Direction were snapped up by Simon Cowell’s record label Syco.
48. 1D’s debut single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ entered the UK Singles Chart at number one selling a whopping 153,965 copies in its first week. It also smashed the pre-order sales record at One Direction’s label Sony Music.

49. One Direction’s 2011/2012 UK tour sold out in just 12 minutes when tickets went on sale in September.
50. Before auditioning for The X Factor, Harry was the frontman of the band White Eskimo which featured his school friends Haydn Morris, Nick Clough and Will Sweeney.
51. The ‘One Direction 2012 Calendar’ is the best selling calendar of all time on ahead of Cheryl Cole and JLS’s official 2011 calendars.
52. Liam is an avid fan of boxing.
53. Niall says he’s only read one book – the American classic ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.
54. One Direction’s debut album ‘Up All Night’ was the 16th biggest selling album of 2011 in the UK, shifting 468,000 copies.
55. 1D’s second single ‘Gotta Be You’ was released on 13th November 2011 and reached number three on the UK chart.
56. Despite not hitting the top spot, ‘Up All Night’ was the highest selling number two album of 2011 with 138,163 copies sold in the first week alone.
57. ‘Up All Night’ also charted in the top ten in Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, New Zealand and Australia.
58. 1D’s debut tour of North America will see the boys support US band Big Time Rush. They’ll play ten shows kicking off at Chicago Rosemont Theatre on 24th February 2012.
59. ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ has been nominated in the Best British Single category at the 2012 Brit Awards. They’ll find out if they’ve won on 21st February.
60. 1D took part in The X Factor Live Tour from February to April 2011.

61. Had One Direction won The X Factor they would have released a cover of the 1984 synthpop anthem ‘Forever Young’ by German group Alphaville. 1D’s version leaked onto the internet soon after The X Factor.
62. ‘Up All Night’ was recorded in three separate places – London, Los Angeles and Sweden.
63. Ed Sheeran (‘Moments’) and American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson (‘Tell Me A Lie’) both penned tracks for ‘Up All Night’.
64. Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry co-wrote four songs on the record – ‘Taken’, ‘Everything About You’, ‘Same Mistakes’ and ‘Save You Tonight’.
65. As of 24th January 2012, ‘Up All Night’ has sold 499,850 copies in the UK.
66. Following their North American tour with Big Time Rush, ‘Up All Night’ will finally be released in the US and Canada on 20th March 2012 on Columbia Records.
67. Along with fellow former contestants JLS, 1D guested on the 2011 X Factor finalists single ‘Wishing On A Star’ in November 2011. It charted at number one with first week sales of 98,932.
68. 1D’s third single ‘One Thing’ was released digitally on 6th January 2012 and reached number 28 on the chart. A CD version will be release on 13th February.
69. Zayn’s name is actually spelt with an ‘i’ (Zain). He reckons ‘Zayn’ is more original and adopted it as his stage name.
70. Niall has a very bizarre good luck mascot – a pair of white socks. Erm, ok then!
71. Liam once confessed to owning a pair of pink hair straighteners. Nice!
72. The ‘Gotta Be You’ video was filmed in New York and on the banks of Lake Placid.
73. Harry’s favourite song of all time is ‘Free Falling’ by John Mayer.
74. Zayn, Louis and Harry all support Manchester United. Liam is a West Bromich Albion fan while Niall follows Derby County.
75. Niall is an accomplished guitar player while Harry plays the kazoo!
76. Simon Cowell believes 1D have what it takes to become one of the biggest boy bands on the planet. He told the Daily Star: "I think they are the new Take That."
77. The ‘One Thing’ music video was shot at various locations in London on 28th November 2011 and premiered on YouTube 13th January 2012.
78. To date ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, ‘Gotta Be You’ and ‘One Thing’ have amassed over 70million views altogether on YouTube. Impressive!
79. During the X Factor auditions all the 1D boys were students. Niall was at Colaiste Mhuire secondary school in Millingar, Zayn studied at Tong High School in Bradford, Liam was at the City of Wolverhampton College, Harry was a pupil at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School and Louis was a sixth former at Hall Cross School in Doncaster.
80. Zayn dated fellow X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson for four months but the relationship ended when they “drifted apart”. Rebecca is six years older than Zayn.

81. The One Direction dolls are all 30cm in height and were created using laser-image face-sculpts for maximum authenticity.
82. Harry makes a brief cameo appearance in Ed Sheeran’s first ‘Drunk’ video. It was filmed backstage at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire.
83. Harry says he would happily date a fan! When asked he said: “Yeah definitely, because if you like someone, you like someone. If they’re a fan it shouldn’t make any difference.”
84. Harry and Louis are the only two members of One Direction who have passed their driving test.
85. Harry’s ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack was 15 years his senior – he’s 17 and she’s 32.
86. Contrary to media reports that Harry ‘dumped’ Caroline Flack, he insists that the pair ended things amicably. He tweeted: “Please know I didn't 'dump' Caroline. This was a mutual decision. She is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know. Please respect that.”
87. 1D’s first book 'One Direction: Forever Young (Our Official X Factor Story)’ debuted at number one on the Sunday Times Bestseller list.
88. Harry has a 20-year-old sister called Gemma.
89. Zayn has three sisters but no brothers. They’re called Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa.
90. Niall has an older brother called Greg. He’s 23.
91. Louis has five sisters. They’re called Lottie, Fizz, Daisy, Phoebe and Georgia.
92. Liam and Niall both share the same middle name – James.
93. Louis’s middle name is William, Harry’s is Edward and Zayn’s is Jawaad.
94. Liam started dating backing dancer Danielle Peazer in December 2010. They’re still together to this day.
95. Harry hasn’t always wanted to be a singer. Before he took part in The X Factor he had ambitions to be a lawyer!
96. One Direction have a bizarre pre-gig ritual of earing Haribo sweets together. Louis explained to The Sun: "We do the sweets like they're drinks. We 'cheers them'. It's very strange but it's for good luck."
97. Zayn’s favourite song is ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson, Harry loves ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ by Pink Floyd, Louis’ choice is ‘Look After You’ by The Fray while Niall’s is Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’. Liam prefers ‘Happy Birthday’ as it means he will open presents.
98. In December 2011 Niall had braces fitted on his teeth. You’ll have to look very close to see them though as they’re white ones.
99. As of 27th January 2012, One Direction have 1,968,257 fans on Facebook and 1,383,674 followers on Twitter.
100. 1D would really love to collaborate with Bruno Mars. They told “(He has) great songs, great stage presence, an unbelievable performer. His vocal is absolutely flawless.”
101. All the boys live within 100 yards of each other in London. Harry and Louis, who are apparently the messiest members of the band, share a house! We’d love to see the state of the place!