Sunday, January 13, 2013

10 Did You Knows!

Did You Know:
  1. Harry decided the name of the band should be one direction because the all wanted to go in the same direction in the music industry!

  2. Liam has a strange fear of spoons for some odd reason.

  3. Zayn's birthday was yesturday January 12.

  4. Louis does not like it when people pick out his clothes because he says he has a very good sense of styles and loves to shop.

  5. Niall is 1/2 Irish 1/2 British.

  6. Harry has a cat named Dusty.
  7. Liam's favorite food is chocolate.

  8. When Zayn was on British x-factor he almost droped out because he had to pass a dancing stage, but now Zayn isnt afraid to show off his killer moves!

  9. Louis likes to wear striped shirts and red pants.

 10. Niall LOVES to wear to wear his polo shirts. That is the most common shirt he ever wears!