Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why Zayn Malik Is the Sweetest Boyfriend Ever

zayn_malik_girlfriend.jpgIt's official: Wearing no makeup is officially a trend. Need proof? Demi Lavato  and Bella Thorne went bare-faced within the past few days, and now, Zayn Malik is giving the all-natural look his approval.
Perrie Edwards, who's known for her over-the-top beauty choices, recently revealed that her One Direction boyfriend actually prefers her without a ton of makeup according to OMG! Yahoo. "My boyfriend says he likes me either way. I have good skin like Jesy [Nelson], so going make-up-free doesn't bother me too much," she says.
The Little Mix singer also reveals that she doesn't feel the pressure to dress to impress around her boyfriend, either. "Zayn and I are at the stage where we feel fully comfortable with one another." Aww, how cute